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Performance on Storybook Soapworks Elysium is very favorable, considering the company’s rookie status. The soap is soft, so overloading can be an issue if you aren’t paying attention. It loads easily into the brush and enjoys water, this soap is thirsty. The resulting lather, from a properly hydrated soap is both cushiony and slick. This soap has no problems playing in the current artisan space. The post shave is also on par with soaps that we all know and use. This is likely due to the nice list of ingredients used.

Ruds Shaves

I became aware of the company through Reddit. After juggling with the idea, as I already have too many soaps, I went ahead and decided to order the soap and aftershave.

I wasn’t sure about the scent profile when I ordered, but, I was pleasantly surprised. It has quickly become one of my favorite scents. To me, peppermint is the strongest scent, although it is well rounded with the sweetness of vanilla. I can occasionally smell a slight hint of lavender, but not always. The soap is softer than I am used to, yet I had no trouble with loading or lathering. The matching alcohol-free aftershave feels great on my face and the scent matches precisely. I know that I will have many great shaves. I look forward to any new offerings. Thank you for a great product and good luck.

Nathan Juel

The soap comes in a nice plastic tub with 4 oz of product and plenty of room to load your brush and the matching splash comes in a dark colored plastic flask…

This soap has a fairly strong scent off the puck that lasts throughout the shave. You get a strong hit of the peppermint right off the top that evens out as the lavender and slightly sweet vanilla come in…

I was surprised by the splash as I’m not usually one for alcohol free splashes because I like the chill, but I think the peppermint made up for it in this one and like I said it really gave me a good post shave feel.


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